NanRobot D5+ Electric Scooter Review

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nanrobot d5+ electric scooter review
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  • Built-in alarm system
  • Fantastic braking system 
  • Incredibly comfortable ride
  • Very bright headlights
  • Included alarm remote fob


  • Brakes may be too sensitive
  • Some parts may be over tightened

Electric scooters have been a fantastic method of transportation for many people around the world. With the ability to travel relatively long distances at a moderate speed, it’s more convenient than walking and using a regular bike. The NanRobot D5+ Electric Scooter is no exception, as it has a variety of fantastic features you’ll be glad to have at your disposal.

NanRobot D5+ Electric Scooter

The main purpose of any scooter is to give you the ability to travel without having to be a licensed driver. The NanRobot D5+ Electric Scooter is far more convenient than other scooters, at it reaches relatively high speeds and gives you the ability to go long distances on a single charge. You won’t have to worry about getting your driver's license or license plates for the scooter.

 You can easily tell that it is fully designed for commuters, as you can fold the scooter down and unfold it in a matter of seconds. It’s also not too heavy as compared to most other scooters, making it easy to carry onto transportation or store in the trunk of your vehicle. With the help of a scooter, you can explore your neighborhood in a far more convenient, controlled, and safe manner.

Who Is This Electric Scooter Meant For?

With the NanRobot D5+ Electric Scooter, you’ll finally have the ability to get to and from work without having to break a sweat, especially in the warmer months. It’s a highly recommended idea for someone who wants to reduce their time spent in traffic, as you can ride this device on the sidewalk to get to work in the morning. In addition, it gives off incredibly low emissions, so you’ll be doing your part to protect the environment.

 The only group of people not recommended to use this scooter is children, as it may be too high powered for them to use safely at first. However, it’s a fantastic alternative to driving for teens and college students who need to get from one end of the campus to another.

What’s Included?

When you order the NanRobot D5+ Electric Scooter, you’ll receive the basic frame, the wheels, as well as the instructions for assembly. Putting the scooter together is incredibly simple, so you likely won’t have to contact customer service for help.

Overview of Features

The following are what this product offers:

  • High-Powered Motor

There are two main motor functions for you to choose from, single and dual. With the single motor function, the scooter will top out at 1000W of power, whereas the dual-motor offers 2000W of power. For climbing hills and higher speeds, it’s recommended you always ride in dual.

  • Long-Distance Travel

Compared to most other scooters that give you a maximum of 20 miles of travel distance, this scooter offers up to 40 miles of continuous riding on a single charge. The built-in lithium-ion battery is also essential for quick charges, as it will be fully charged in under 10 hours.

  • Portable

Folding and unfolding the scooter is easier than you’d think, as you can do it in a matter of seconds. It features a specialized mechanism that allows you to make it more compact for storage.

  • Adaptable Wheels

The front and rear wheels are 10” and built with high-quality tread to make it easier to drive across various types of terrain with ease.

  • Premium Braking System

Built with front and rear disc brakes, the hand brake is incredibly easy to engage and allows you to safely come to a stop without the worry of crashing or having to bail off of the scooter. You’ll also love the integrated shock absorption to make your rides substantially more comfortable.

  • Built-in LED Light

For people riding their scooter at night, you’ll love the front-facing LED light that acts similarly to a traditional headlight. It’s highly recommended for riding at night or in low-light conditions.

How to Get the Most Out of It

Getting the most out of the NanRobot D5+ Electric Scooter is simple, as it’s designed for easy everyday use. By using the instructions to assemble the scooter, you will then want to take the time to charge it fully before using it for the first time. Once charged, you can start up the scooter with a push of a button and be on your way.

When you’ve finished your trip, all you have to do is turn the motor off with the on-and-off button and engage the alarm using the included fob. Make sure you keep track of the battery life of the scooter so that you always have a full charge.


A great alternative to the NanRobot D5+ Electric Scooter is the YUEYE High-Speed Electric Scooter. Available at a far less expensive price, this scooter also allows you to travel up to 40 miles per hour and up to 50 miles in a single charge. Some of the other features you’ll appreciate include:

  • Anti-slip tires
  • Efficient damping system
  • High-strength carbon steel frame
  • Detachable seat


The NanRobot D5+ Electric Scooter is highly recommended for anyone looking for a scooter they intend on using daily, especially if you have to travel long distances. With the ability to top out at 40 miles per hour, it’s more than powerful enough for most riders.

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