NanRobot D4+ Pro Electric Scooter Review

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nanrobot d4+ pro electric scooter review
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  • Built-in LCD
  • Solidly built
  • Maintains battery life
  • Climbs hills easily
  • Sleek and stylish design


  • Brakes need to be adjusted 
  • Too long brake cable

NanRobot has a very extensive collection of scooters designed for plenty of purposes. The NanRobot D4+ Pro Electric Scooter is one example of their high-powered scooters which are highly recommended for professional and casual use. With an assortment of fantastic features, you’ll likely only find in top-tier models, it could easily become your most used method of transportation.

NanRobot D4+ Pro Electric Scooter

Electric scooters are one of the best things to have in your garage if you’re someone who doesn’t have a license or who could be looking for a more economical and efficient way to get to work or school in the morning.

They help to satisfy a market of people who typically rely on walking or public transportation at a high cost, and the NanRobot D4+ Pro Electric Scooter is no different. With high speeds and the ability to travel up to 45 miles on a single charge, it’s an efficient and easy way to commute.

 Aside from its ability to help you save on gas and insurance, this electric scooter is also a far more environmentally-friendly way to get around. It puts out relatively zero emissions, as it relies on a battery to operate its motor compared to gas. It’s also available at a fraction of the cost of a regular vehicle, even one with hundreds of thousands of miles.

Who Is This Electric Scooter Meant For?

The NanRobot D4+ Pro Electric Scooter is ideal for people who need a reliable method of transportation, but it’s also something you can use for casual outings. You can easily bring it with you on camping trips or use it to take you to your favorite fishing spot with little effort. It’s designed to work well on various types of terrain and is simple enough for first-time users to put to good use.

With features it has and its price, it might not be the best option for beginners, especially as it can travel as fast as 40 miles per hour. However, if you know you’re going to be dedicated to using an electric scooter daily, it’s one of the best models to choose that will last over years of continuous use.

What’s Included?

There aren’t any additional accessories or features included with your electric scooter, which is common with many other brands. You’ll receive the necessary parts required for assembly, as well as the instructions to make putting it together simpler. It would be convenient, though, if there were extra tires included with your purchase.

Overview of Features

Here are the things you'd expect from this scooter:

  • Dual Motors

Two motors are built into the scooter, giving you the ability to choose between single or dual all-wheel drive. Both motors feature an independent traction system, so you will always have full control over your scooter. This gives you the ability to have instantaneous traction and torque control.

  • High Speed and Long Range

Compared to most other electric scooters, this model is designed to take you up to 45 miles away from home on a single charge. It also tops out at 40 miles per hour when you engage the dual-motor function.

  • Built-in Damping System

With the five shock absorbers and the 10” pneumatic tires, you’ll have a fantastic damping system to put to good use. This makes the bike easier to ride over a variety of different terrains while giving you optimal comfort with fewer bumps.

  • Emergency Braking System

The brakes on the NanRobot D4+ Pro Electric Scooter are highly notable, as they have both front and rear emergency disc braking systems. You’ll be able to easily engage the brakes with the hand brake for emergency stops.

  • Highly Portable

Folding your scooter down is easier than you would assume, as all you have to do is pull on the folding lever. Unfolding it is just as easy as well, which is ideal for commuters.

  • Built-in Headlights

The headlights at the front of the scooter are important for improving your visibility at night as well as your safety. You’ll also love the power lock and alarm that help to prevent thieves from getting their hands on your new scooter.

How to Get the Most Out of It

Getting the most out of the NanRobot D4+ Pro Electric Scooter is simple, as it’s designed for the everyday commuter. Maintaining your scooter is essential for making sure it lasts over the years and as such, you’ll want to make sure it is stored in a safe place when not in use. You will also want to ensure the battery is fully charged after every trip.

As an added note, the wheels may need to be replaced after a while and it’s recommended you bring the scooter into a professional repair shop.


A great alternative to the NanRobot D4+ Pro Electric Scooter is the Yolandek Foldable Electric Scooter. The most notable difference between the two is that the Yolandek scooter far surpasses the NanRobot by offering speeds as high as 48 miles per hour. In addition, it gives you travel distances of up to 75 miles on a single charge.


Overall, the NanRobot D4+ Pro Electric Scooter is a reasonably priced scooter for the power it offers. You’ll be able to travel longer distances compared to most other scooters at relatively high speeds. In addition, its fantastic shock absorption system makes long-distance trips less bumpy and more comfortable.

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