How to Close a Razor Scooter: Three Easy Methods

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how to close a razor scooter
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Learning how to close a Razor Scooter will make it easier to commute with your favorite transportation method. Many people use their scooters to get from their home to a bus stop or even to work, and storing it away is important so that it takes up less space. Even if you’re creating a safe storage spot in your garage, closing the scooter is a far better way to keep it out of harm’s way.

 The simple process of folding a Razor Scooter is one of their largest selling points, as you don’t require any special tools. In fact, most of their scooters are specifically designed to be easy to close so that they’re better for travel.

How to Close a Razor Scooter

In here, we discussed how you should close different types of Razor Scooters.

1. Kick Scooter

Known as the fold-and-go process, all you have to do is follow three easy steps to close your kick scooter.

First is to remove the grips. To do so, on the T-tube of your scooter, there should be two release buttons. Press those and pull the grip out of the bar.

Next, you’re going to need to bring the height of the T-tube down. All Razor Kick Scooters come with a quick-release lever on the side of the tube, which you’ll need to pull open. Once open, you can push the entire T-tube down into the main shaft.

The final step is to fold the entire scooter down. The best way to do this is by holding it upside down in one hand and then pushing the release lever near the joint using your other hand. Gravity will do the rest of the work; just make sure your fingers aren’t near any pressure points to prevent pinching and injury.

2. Razor Jr. Scooter

If you’re the owner of a Razor Jr. Scooter, the unfolding process is slightly different than with their regular kick scooters, but it’s equally as simple.

Typically located near the base of the T-tube, there should be a lever to pull up on using your hand. It will look like a loop that you can wrap your fingers around. Once you have found the lever, all you have to do is pull it up and the scooter will collapse automatically.

 The same step will need to be followed to unfold the scooter when your kids are ready to go out and play!

3. Electric Scooter

Folding a kick scooter from Razor seems simple enough, but when it comes to their electric scooters, it can be slightly more difficult as you’ll require an Allen wrench for the job. Once assembled, these scooters aren’t meant to be folded down, but you can find specific models which are designed to.

Some Razor Scooters have locking knobs located on the T-tube and your first step is to loosen the knob with your hand.

As soon as you have loosened the locking knob, you can then take out the Allen key. Using the Allen wrench, begin to loosen the bolts found at the bottom of the T-tube and you should then be able to remove the bar entirely and place it near the deck of the scooter.

Those are the only two steps needed to reduce the size of your scooter, which can be more of a hassle than the easy process for kick scooters. It’s likely in the future they will implement a far more seamless folding process.

how to close a razor scooter

Other Tips

Most especially for electric scooters, there are a couple of extra tips and tricks that you can use to make the process simpler, including:

  • Find a Storage Bag

Since the electric scooter needs to be partially disassembled, it's highly recommended that you invest in a storage bag. Any type of bag that is waterproof and dustproof will work, as it will allow you to keep your scooter in a safe and dry place. You’ll also want to make sure the storage bag has a small pocket for extra bolts and to store your Allen key once you’ve removed the T-tube.

  • Check for Debris

Many scooter owners find that folding their scooters down is relatively impossible. That is likely because of debris stuck either inside of the T-tube or the release latches.

It’s highly recommended that if your scooter gets dirty after a ride, you clean it with a gentle cloth to ensure the latches are always in working order. Otherwise, you’ll have to use a can of compressed air or oil to release them.

  • Unfolding Properly

When it comes time to use your scooter again, it’s very important you ensure it unfolds properly, as you won’t want it to collapse on you when you start riding. With Razor Scooters, they typically make a clicking sound when all the pieces have been restored to their upright condition. In addition, for electric scooters, ensure you tighten the locking knob and bolts properly.

Final Thoughts

Once you have a grasp on how to close a Razor Scooter, you’ll surely appreciate how convenient it is, especially if you own a kick scooter. Although it takes a little more effort to condense an electric scooter compared to dissembling the whole unit, it should still only take a few moments of your time.

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