How Fast Does a Razor Electric Scooter Go: A Helpful Guide

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how fast does a razor electric scooter go
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When asking how fast does a Razor electric scooter go, there are many factors to consider. As one of the top-tier brand names in scooter manufacturing, Razor has a wide assortment of scooters for casual and professional use. You have likely heard of their products mostly during the early 2000s when kick scooters started to take off.

Today, electric scooters have taken the world by storm as kids love them and adults use them to commute and run small errands when a car isn’t necessary. Knowing how fast these scooters are can give you a good idea of what is safe enough for your kids to ride around the neighborhood.

Kick vs. Electric Scooter Differences

If you’re looking into electric scooters, you’ve likely been reminiscing about your childhood or teenage years riding around on a kick scooter. Plenty of things are similar between the two, including the bulk of their features and their overall design. However, the main difference between Razor’s kick and electric scooters is speed.

With kick scooters, you’re only going to go as fast as your feet will allow you to travel. There may also be added features which can boost your speeds, such as aerodynamic builds and specialty tires. On the other hand, electric scooters are fully controlled by a motor, which allows you to accelerate to a wide variety of speeds.

Depending on the scooter you choose, there may be more than one motor installed. This gives you even more control over the speed you’re able to reach as you can opt between “Turbo” modes where both motors are used, and single-motor operation. The more power the scooter has, the faster it will go, and this feature is typically found in professional scooters.

Speed for Beginners

The speed of your scooter is far more than a specification that you can tell your friends about; it can make or break your riding experience. Beginners will benefit the most from slower scooters, as they give you the ability to learn how to control your movements and glide easily without the chance of injury or damaging the scooter. You’ll also notice that the slower the scooter is, the less expensive it’ll be, which is highly recommended for first-time users.

Ideally, beginner scooters should reach maximum speeds of 15 miles per hour, if not less. This is the typical speed you’ll find with most kid’s scooters, as you won’t want your children traveling at speeds that are too fast for them to control. Overall, 15 miles per hour is substantially faster than walking.

how fast does a razor electric scooter go

The Best Scooters for Kids

Now that you have an answer to, "How fast does a razor electric scooter go?", let’s discuss the three most popular electric scooters Razor has to offer.

1. E100 Electric Glow Scooter: 10 mph

The E100 Electric Glow Scooter allows riders to travel up to 10 miles per hour, which is faster than a kick scooter but will still give you peace of mind. It’s typically recommended for riders above the age of eight and isn’t too fast to where there isn’t room for advancement. On the handlebars, it features a throttle which allows the rider to control their speed.

On average, the E100 gives you the ability to use the scooter for up to 40 minutes on a single charge.

2. E200 Electric Scooter: 12 mph

As one step up from the E100, the E200 comes with a 200W single-speed motor that is also high-torque and reaches speeds as high as 12 miles per hour. It’s not faster than the E100 but is still recommended for riders above the age of 12 who have used an electric scooter before. For kids, it’s one of the fastest models available from Razor.

3. EcoSmart Metro Electric Scooter: 18 mph

If you’ve never been a fan of the traditional style of scooters, there’s the EcoSmart Metro, which is designed similarly to a European Vespa. It reaches up to 18 miles per hour and has plenty of extra features, such as a luggage rack and a front basket. It also has a seat compared to a simple deck where you would have to stand for your entire ride.

The Factors That Affect Speed

Aside from the motor, there are plenty of other factors that affect the speed of your electric scooter, including:

1. Rider Weight

Most scooters come with a maximum weight rating, which is important to abide by to see its true power. A scooter designed for riders no more than 120 pounds will perform poorly if a 200-pound adult were to ride it. The smaller the rider, the less resistance which transforms into higher speeds.

2. Battery Life

To experience the fastest speeds, you’ll need to make sure your scooter is fully charged before every ride; otherwise, it will be running on little to no power.

3. Terrain

You’re likely going to experience various types of terrain when riding your scooter and some are better than others. Similar to weight, the terrain you ride on will add or lessen resistance against the wheels. With smooth areas, such as paved trails, your scooter won’t have to work harder than it should.

4. Tire Pressure

Most scooters are equipped with pneumatic tires, but you will want to make sure the tire pressure is at a reasonable level before riding your new scooter. Otherwise, you won’t be propelled as quickly or as far as needed.

How Fast Does a Razor Electric Scooter Go: Final Thoughts

With Razor specifically, their scooters typically top out at 10 to 18 miles per hour. Designed primarily for professional use and children, you’ll easily be able to find the ideal speed for your skillset.

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